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Organised every two years since 1972,
the Solidarity Festival gathers over 300 young Secours Populaire volunteers coming from all over France and many other European organisations.

Our goal: make solidarity grow …and allow the youth to play a bigger role in it.

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Concrete action

Contrary to common beliefs, young people do get involved in charities. Over the recent years, 60% of the volunteers involved with the Secours populaire français have been under 34 years old.

These volunteers are pupils, students, employees, job-seekers or people helped by the Secours Populaire who want to make themselves useful.


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Programme of the Solidarity Festival

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Overcoming differences

The Festival gathers young people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds around common values of sharing, mutual help, listening and mutual understanding.

Encouraging the Youth to take responsibility

The outcome of the Solidarity Festival is in charge of the youth. Since the Secours Populaire chose to trust young people and their commitment, they may organise, facilitate or present the workshops in front of the 300 participants.

Fostering self-improvement

Know how to express your ideas. Sharpen your critical thinking. Develop self-confidence. Learn how to manage your emotions while speaking out in public.

A platform for solidarity action

By meeting other volunteers, the young participants will broaden their perspective on volunteering, become aware of the field of possibilities, and leave the Festival with their minds filled with new ideas and their suitcases full of new projects.

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