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  3. Floor plan
  4. Workshops – saturday morning
  5. Solidarity forum – saturday afternoon
  6. Practical information
  7. After the festival


This edition offers you to share around the subject “For a fairer and united world, young citizens committed to emancipating solidarity”.

By placing the human being at the centre of its approach and practice, the SPF believes that every man, woman and child is a bearer of knowledge resulting from their experience and actions. Our popular education approach works towards the emancipation of people, both individually and collectively; we do everything possible so that each person can act for a fairer and more united world, whether they are in a position to help or to be helped.
In this way, certain forms of solidarity that one would think would be sufficient in themselves, often involve other levers of emancipation.
Through everyday solidarity actions, come and open the field of possibilities and create real acts of emancipating solidarity in the respect of the international convention of human rights!


Friday 04 November

2pm to 5pm : Reception on the campus of the Centrale Supélec school

5pm to 7pm : Plenary session

Welcome, presentation of partners, presentation of the program for the weekend, practical information

7.30pm : Dinner

08.30pm : Transfer to hotels (shuttle bus)

Saturday 05 November

9am – 12.30pm : Workshops

Discussion around the overarching theme of empowerment through solidarity and on the following sub-themes:

  • Values of solidarity,
  • Role of youth volunteers,
  • Youth povertySolidarity in Europe and the world,
  • Communication,
  • Fundraising.

2pm – 5pm : Solidarity Forum

► Activity Village (2pm to 3.30pm & 3.30pm to 5pm)

► Social Innovation Forum (2pm to 3.30pm & 3.30pm to 5pm)

Sport as a vector of emancipation around 3 themes: sports & environment, sports & disability and sports & health

Facilitated by sports students from the University program ANESTAPS,, partner since 2019.

► Fundraising activity

With the Essonne federation (in nearby shopping areas)

► World café

Meeting and exchanges with international partners

► Workshops feedback

From 5pm : Entertainment

  • 5.30 pm : Creation of a human fresco
  • 7.00 pm : Dinner
  • 8.30 pm : Bievers Valley concert
  • 10pm – 01.30am : DJ Set Mon cher Guy – Iba Boo

Sunday 06 November

9am to noon : Plenary session

Restitution of Saturday’s exchanges and reflections in dynamic formats


Noon : Lunch

1 pm : End of the festival

Floor plan

Workshops – Saturday morning

In order to appropriate the concept of empowerment through solidarity, 6 thematic workshops are proposed to you through animations in a popular education approach.

Meet, exchange and discover ways to strengthen your commitment and be a full actor of empowerment through solidarity upon your return to your community. After the Festival, you will be equipped with the tools to share the knowledge and take action!

🌳 Values of Solidarity Workshop

2 sessions : 9:00 & 11:00 – Duration of each session: 1h30h30
Do you want to share the values of solidarity with your peers in order to help empowering them through solidarity? Come and contribute to the tree of values, create your heart booklet to make these values concrete and strengthen the commitment of your networks !

🧒 Role of youth volunteers

Open continuously from 9am to 12.30pm – Duration of each session : 45 min
Let’s think together about volunteering as a key to empowerment through an immersive production where you will have a role to play!

💡 Youth Poverty

2 sessions : 9:00 & 11:00 – Duration of each session: 1h10
It is up to you to identify the levers for implementing empowering solidarity actions for and with young people experiencing poverty and deprivation.

🌍 Atelier solidarité en Europe et dans le Monde

Open continuously from 9am to 12.30pm – Duration of each session : 1 hour

You want to get involved in international solidarity actions but you don’t know how to go about it?

Learn about the cooperative logic in international solidarity for empowerment through solidarity.

👛 Fundraising

2 sessions : 9:00 & 11:00 – Duration of each session: 1h10
Do you believe in fundraising as an essential means of supporting solidarity actions ? Come and immerse yourself in the participative story of a fundraising day to create most creative fundraising initiatives !

📣 Communication

Open continuously from 9am to 12.30pm – Duration of each session : 1 hour
Do you want to promote knowledge, solidarity practices and tools of empowerment within your own organization through communication ? Make use of these tools to become an ambassador of relentless communication !

Solidarity forum – saturday afternoon

Building on the workshops on empowerment through solidarity, it is time for action on Saturday afternoon.

Meet, exchange and discover ways to strengthen your involvement and to be a full actor of solidarity.

There are several activities to choose from:

Activity Village 

2 sessions from 02:00pm to 03:30pm & 03:30pm to 05:00pm

Activities co-constructed and co-hosted with ANESTAPS (National Association of Students in Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities), national partner since 2019

Sport as a vector of emancipation around 3 themes: sport & environment, sport & disability and sport & health

Come and discover all the inclusive sports activities related to the environment (Clean up, Just dance 2050, Basket tri), disability (ceci-foot, seated volleyball, torball* and boccia**) and health (giant quiz, relaxation and flexibility tests, smoothie bikes, energy balls). A second-hand shop selling sportswear only will be available throughout the festival (you can donate new sportswear or equipment if you wish).

*ball sport practiced by visually impaired people on their backs

** sport that is similar to pétanque.

Social Innovation Forum

2 sessions from 02:00pm to 03:30pm & 03:30pm to 05:00pm

Do you have ideas, do you want to set up projects around the environment, disability, health or more generally, sports ? This workshop is for you! Co-facilitated by an SPF and Anestaps trainer, you will be able to co-construct your wildest projects by visualizing the realities on the ground, the obstacles and the levers, supported by the experience of the trainers, and to go back to your organization with your finalized project sheet.

This activity village and social innovation forum will not only allow you to test new activities in a fun way as well as to shape your project, but will also help you go back to your community to offer awareness-raising actions and to set up your project with local or international partners.

Fundraising action

From 02:00pm to 04:30pm

Action organised by the Essonne federation (91)

Because it is essential to have financial means to practice solidarity, all Secours populaire volunteers are fundraisers.

Participate in a fundraising event during the Festival in nearby shopping areas, accessible by bus.

Number of places is limited to 50 people. Registration at the reception.

 Boxes for collected funds and SPF vests will be distributed on site.

World café

Starting at 2pm

Meeting and exchange with international partners

22 partner associations from Europe, overseas and around the world will experience this festival with us, enriching the reflections and sharing their experiences, to further globalize solidarity.

Many of them have contributed to the festival workshops in the run-up to the event.

Many thanks to them!

ArmeniaGoris Women’s Development “Resource Center” Foundation
BelgiumASEB (Association pour la solidarité étudiante en Belgique)
BelgiumSPWB (Secours populaire de Wallonie-Bruxelles)
GeorgiaEducare Georgia
GreeceSolidarité Populaire de Grèce
ItalyARCI National
PolandPKPS – Polish Committee of Social Welfare
RomaniaBethany Foundation
SerbiaCenter for Youth Integration
UkraineFour Leaf Clover
NigerHED Tamat
SalvadorCoop. Canasta Campesina
GuadeloupeSoleil d’Or
Saint MartinCobraced

More ideas for action

The SPF Training Institute will be present to exchange with you and present the training courses offered to the federations’ volunteers.

The Essonne federation will present its project to build a school in Nepal.

The SPF Ile-de-France Regional Council will present collection tools and other goodies for sale.

Workshops feedback

Come and extend the time of the workshop that you particularly liked, through the preparation of its restitution in plenary on Sunday morning: creative ideas, sharing, and enthusiasm will be the key words to retransmit to the festival-goers the key messages of each workshop.

Practical information

👋 Home

SPF staff and volunteers   will be available from the moment you arrive and throughout the event to give you all the information you need for your stay: accommodation, transport, etc.

🏷️ Badges/Wristbands

You will be given a badge and a wristband on arrival. Please remember to wear them throughout your stay to access all Festival activities.

🧳 Luggage storage and cloakroom

A cloakroom is available near the reception.

Luggage storage is also available on Friday and Sunday mornings.

Secure code lockers are also available on campus to store your belongings independently.

🍽️ Meals

All meals during the stay will be self-service in the cafeteria in the Eiffel Building of Centrale-Supélec school. Breakfasts will be taken in the hotels.

☕ Coffee break

During the breaks, 2 refreshment stands will be open on the ground floor and on level 1 (cold drinks, coffee, tea, etc.)

CB and cash accepted

🛌 Hotels

During your stay, you will be accommodated with your delegation in a hotel close to the school but only accessible by bus.

Your hotel will be indicated to you on arrival at the reception.

🚍 Coach shuttles

Coaches will accompany you in the evenings and mornings to and from the hotel and CentraleSupélec.

Buses will be waiting for you at specific times indicated on site. We count on you to be on time !

🌂 Lost property

If you have found or lost an object, please contact the reception.

⚠️ Health and safety

If you are not feeling well or if you encounter a problem or another participant, please report it as soon as possible to a member of the organization.

After the festival

The Festival of Solidarity is only one step in the construction of solidarity networks. So to extend your reflections, let’s stay in touch!

The action will continue at home.

The festival continues and will continue in your federations or organizations, in your communities. The meetings with participants from all over the world, the links created during these few days, will certainly give rise to new projects!

Send us all your actions and photos of your upcoming events and actions, so they can be relayed on social networks.

A whole network is at your disposal to share and accompany you in the animation and the setting in motion of young people at the local level with the network of national youth workers and the national support.