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A key moment for mobilising the Youth

Contrary to common beliefs, young people do get involved in charities. Over the recent years, 60% of the volunteers involved with the Secours populaire français have been under 34 years old. These volunteers are pupils, students, employees, job-seekers or people helped by the Secours Populaire who want to make themselves useful. With the Solidarity Festival, they can gather around to join forces, share their experiences, learn from one another and contemplate new solidarity projects. The Solidarity Festival has been organised every two years since 1972, following the principles of popular education that constitute the organisation’s DNA. It gathers over 300 young volunteers from all over France and many other countries in which the SPF currently operates.

Laboratory of ideas

Creative workshops

Discovering a territory and its culture

Friendly atmosphere

Inspiring and exciting speeches

A time to collect for a solidarity project