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The 2018 issue


The Solidarity Festival of Brussels is a story of setting up 40 national youth representatives from 25 different departments. An unprecedented mobilization where each and everyone has been able to learn, organize, transmit, animate, surpass themselves, create, take responsibility, doubt, reassure themselves, reinforce themselves, rise … for the other and through the other. Brussels is the symbol of Europe but for the festival-goers, it is also and above all a formidable springboard for building the solidarity networks of tomorrow, far beyond all borders.

On October 19, 20 and 21 2018, Brussels will be the capital of all possibilities.

This meeting is not a destination, it is a new starting point to go much further, thanks to an extraordinary human and associative adventure that should not be missed under any circumstances.

See you soon for more information!


Thanks to our partners:

The Total Foundation provides support to the Secours populaire français to enable it to develop its actions of solidarity with youth. The Solidarity Festival is issued with the support of the Total Foundation.

Thalys enthusiastically supports the actions of the Secours populaire français. Its involvement is concrete: it aims to enable young Europeans wishing to commit to the benefit of national and international solidarity to travel to Brussels for the Festival. Thalys, as a European transit agency, is committed to contributing to these initiatives in all of its territories, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.